Buckeyes Travel to Cincinnati for Nutty Invite

CINCINNATI – The Buckeyes traveled to Cincinnati for the first tournament of the spring, which is often used as a time for the development of the younger players.

To start the Nutty Invite, the Buckeyes faced Moose Water Polo, a Cincinnati-based club preparing to compete in the USAWP ODP Championships. Their youth and conditioning was able to keep them in the game early, but eventually the Buckeyes prevailed 14-10.

Next up was the host Ohio Squirrels and the game would start with the Buckeyes jumping out to an early lead. But the Buckeyes weren't able to hold on and the Squirrels clawed back to take a lead late in the game, where the Buckeyes would fall 9-10.

In the last game of the day, the Buckeyes faced Wolverine Water Polo, a masters team from Ann Arbor. The Buckeyes found their groove in the last game of the day, winning 11-6.

On Sunday, the Buckeyes face a familiar foe, the Cincinnati Bearcats. Determined to end the tournament with a win, the Buckeyes held the Bearcats scoreless until the fourth quarter, securing a 15-3 victory.