3rd Annual Buckeye Invitational Results

Our 3rd Annual home tournament gave great results for both Buckeyes teams, earning 5 wins and only one loss between the teams.

The tournament started out with the Grey team facing off with the Columbus masters team, but the young guys couldn't handle Columbus' old man strength, falling 4-12. The Grey team rebounded from that loss to defeat two Ohio high school club teams, beating the Columbus Sea Cows 10-7 and Moose Water Polo 11-2.

The Scarlet team kicked off this year's Buckeye Invitational with a 14-0 win over Moose Water Polo. On Sunday, the Buckeyes faced a short-staffed Purdue team, earning a 16-8 victory over the Boilermakers

The marquee matchup was the water polo edition of The Game on Saturday night, which lived up to the hype surrounding every Ohio State-Michigan game. The game ended in a 10-10 tie after a missed buzzer-beater attempt by the Buckeyes and went to a shootout, where the Buckeyes pulled out the victory, winning 15-14.